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Freelance Marketing Services for the automotive, off-road and recreational vehicle industries.







About Me

I am a 25-year veteran of marketing in the automotive aftermarket and recreational industries.  I love working with growing companies to increase their visibility and put them at a competitive advantage with their large corporate competitors.

Services Offered



Brand Logo Design

Tehcnical Illustrations

Corporate Identity

Book Cover Design

Vehicle Graphics

T-Shirt Graphics



Ad Copy Writing

Product Descriptions

Features & Benefits

Technical Writing

Press Releases

Fiction Writing



Product Photography

Event Photography

Product Photo Editing

Image Manipulation

Color Correction

Adventure Photography

Desktop Publishing

Desktop Publishing

Flyers & Brochures

Books & Long Documents

Custom Calendars

Point-Of-Sale Assets

Installation Instructions

New Product Bulletins

Web & E-Commerce

Web & E-Commerce

Website Design

E-Commerce Systems

Search Optimization

POD Integrations

Shipping & Payments

Direct Email Marketing


Events & Social

Social Media Management

Content Creation

Influencer Management

Event Coordination

Booth Display Design

Event Rep Services

Product Development

Product Development

Market Analysis

Product Design

Product Data Management

Package Design

Point-Of-Sale Assets

New Product Announce

Let’s Build Something Together.

Whether you need help re-branding your company, getting more eyes on your product line or bringing a single idea to market, I can help with any or all aspects of your marketing goals.

From an Enthusiast’s Perspective.

If you’re selling into the automotive and off-road aftermarket, you want a car and 4X4 enthusiast on your side, telling your story with experience, authority and credibility.  I drive, wheel, wrench, camp, explore, navigate, trail lead, and live the lifestyle you’re trying to reach.

A One Stop Marketing Shop.

Small companies and startups need Good People who can wear several hats.  I’ve been there, I thrive there.  I can handle every aspect of any marketing project, from conception through completion, to keep large and small projects nimble, responsive and always moving forward.

From Copywriting to Technical Writing.

Getting your point across is harder than it looks.  Doing so with clarity, persuasiveness and elegance is an art form that takes years to hone.  I’ve been a professional writer for over twenty-five years, penning everything from ad copy to technical instructions and even novels.

We can Start from Scratch or Work From What You Already Have.

Whether you just need some minor tweaks to your current marketing program, a complete overhaul or need to start from scratch, let’s get to work and Make It Happen!

A Few of My Clients

For the past twenty-five years I’ve performed marketing services for dozens of companies, both on-staff and freelance.  Here are a few of them.


My Other Websites:

Where I sell T-shirts and swag featuring my own designs, and make print-on-demand items available for my clients.

My indie author website for my fiction writing.  The home of my vigilante justice thriller ebooks and audiobooks.

The largest Ford Bronco enthusiast community on the West Coast, which I founded in July 2001.

My own brand of off-road accessories.  It functions mostly as a test bed to develop ideas.

My wife Stephanie’s small line of clothing and accessories for lady off-roaders.  I do all of her design work.

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