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Are you from a different solar system many many galaxies away? Are you the force of another creation? A new musical revelation?

The Company is seeking applicants to fill out our Renegades of Funk department, which has been sorely lacking in funk lately. Now renegades are people with their own philosophy. They change the course of history. Everyday people like you and me. You know they have their secret notions. And time is endless motion. All people of the moderate ages here in this twentieth century. You have to keep up in time with the moderate time. A state of mind and a sense of pride. A renegade, yes a renegade of this time and age. So many renegades.

If this sounds like you, hand clap, hand clap, join the Renegades of Funk.

Job Category: Management
Job Type: Part Time
Job Location: Barstow CA

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